Warm Gingery Oatmeal

Preparation Time:  Five (5) minutes
Cooking Time:   Fifteen (15) minutes
Yields:  Three (3) servings


2 Cups Water
1 Cup Rolled Oats
¼ Cup Raisins
¼ Cup Goji Berries
2 Teaspoons Grated Ginger
Pinch of Sea Salt
¼ Cup Sunflower Seeds
1 Tablespoon Agave’ Nectar


1. Bring Water to boil.
2. Add Oats, Raisins, Goji Berries, Ginger and Sea Salt.
3. Reduce heat to low.
4. Cook until Water is absorbed and Oats become creamy (about seven (7) minutes).
5. Remove from heat and add Sunflower Seeds and Agave’ Nectar.


• To make Oatmeal creamier try using a Nut Milk instead of Water.
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