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Reflexology Services

Reflexology is a drugless, natural Healing Art founded on the concept that every part, organ, and gland of the Human body has corresponding reflex points in the feet, hands, and ears.

The therapeutic manipulation of the reflex points, through applied pressure and specific hand movements, define this Wellness modality.  Application of these techniques assists the body in achieving optimum balance for the entire Human organism thereby improving the individual’s overall strength, function, and Well-being.

Reflexology has no adverse side-effects, having a favorable influence on tension relief and improved circulation; chronic aches, pains, and other symptoms often disappear.  Reflexology is a relaxing, established, respected, and effective Wellness therapy.  Reflexology has a cumulative impact, so regular, successive sessions are suggested to enhance the balancing effects it offers.

  Basic Foot or Hand Reflexology Session
 1 Hour (60) Minutes/$80.00
DeLuxe Foot or Hand Reflexology Session
1 Hour (60) Minutes/$100.00
Basic Foot and Hand Reflexology Session
90 Minutes/$120.00
 DeLuxe Foot and Hand Reflexology Session
90 Minutes/$135.00
 Corporate/Organizational Services
Relaxation and Power Services
 Event/Pamper Party Services
 Call for Arrangements

is a great addition to the Health and Wellness of individuals, family members, and employees.  Consider offering this dynamic service to those that you care about, as well as to those to whom you depend for their contributions to the on-going success of your company, organization, or group.  Their personal and collective Health and Wellness directly reflects your success and Love.
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