Seminars, Workshops and Wellness Programs

Single Seminars/Workshops have topics that include, but are not limited to such concepts as macro-nutrition, exercise, eating for energy, the effects of sugar or caffeine, smoking, weight loss/gain, diabetes, cooking classes, food store tours, exercise, career/education, relationships, Spiritual awareness and/or practice, joy and abundance.

The Healing Mother’s Spirit! Wellness Program as designed, is currently composed of six two-hour seminars that introduce the participants to the concepts of macro-nutrition and Life-style.  Specially designed Wellness Programs can be tailored for group participants including a variety of topics, and are structured to have no less than three seminars/workshops.  Additionally, the Wellness Programs are structured to manage at least ten (10), but less than twenty-five (25) participants.


The HMS! Spa-on-Heels Project - In broadening the available client services, Reflexology or Therapeutic Foot Manipulation is now available.  Using specific Reflexology Techniques, this service is yet another corroborative methodology for assisting individuals with their personal Health goals, and supports the overall Well-being.  Schedule a treatment as soon and as often as possible, for repeated treatments tend to have a beneficial cumulative effect on the receiver.

Speaking Engagements

A variety of speaking engagements are available.  Call for details.
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