Small Groups

Standard – The same as the individual consultation service for five to seven participants.  Time is set-aside during each consultation to address each participant’s individual concerns, thereby allowing the synergy of the group dynamic to enhance individual progress, and to re-enforce the subject-matter presented during consultations.

Specific Challenges/Focus – Similar to the individual and standard small group, however the participants in this group determines that it wants to focus on a specific Health concern, such as diabetes, obesity/weight loss or gain, coronary Health, or a Life-style issue such as exercise or relationships.

Family – A special type of small group where all of the participants are from a single nuclear family within the same household. Primary attention will be focused on the person most responsible for preparing family meals, and all members do not necessarily need to attend all of the consulting sessions.  Family member age and the intent of initiating the consults will determine the requirement for regular participation, though all members will have to complete an individual Health History Form.

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