Services Available

Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Nutrition Analysis provides details about the status of One’s individual Health and Wellness, based on their personal physical functioning and biochemistry.  The analysis lasts about two and one half (2½) hours.



This service provides six-months of consultation consisting of eighteen (18) sessions, including twelve (12) direct counseling/educational interactions, augmented with six (6) additional focus sessions, two (2) of which include a food-store tour and a cooking class.  The balance includes special educational events or focus sessions negotiated throughout the on-going consultations.  
Consultations occur every other week at a specified day and time, per an initial agreement.  Consultations can occur face-to-face or via tele-conference.

Body Work

Therapeutic Foot Manipulation

Therapeutic Foot Manipulation, based on the techniques of Reflexology, is a modality that accelerates the understanding of the Health condition of the individual, thereby facilitating Nutrition consultations.  Reflexology is based on 'reflex' connections of the nervous system to the entire body, including individual organs, organ systems, and the overall condition of the body.   The use of this technique often provides a precursor to budding conditions that can be  addressed now, minimizing potential future Health challenges.  As a practice, it is a tool that is simultaneously assessment and therapy for the individual being treated, thus identifying and supporting their overall Health and Wellness.  It is relatively impersonal, yet it is dynamic and probing; therapeutic foot manipulation is an added new tool that can only be of huge benefit to my clients.
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