Montreal, Quebec

Aux Vivres

A Vegan Restaurant with dynamic food and principles; do not look for honey in this restaurant; it is an animal product and off-limits.  But, for quality Vegan fare, this cafe' should definitely be on your list while in Montreal.   The menu features sandwiches and salads, in Healthy portions, so you should not leave with a hole in your stomach.  On my first visit, I could not resist trying the Vegan "BLT" using smoked "Coconut Bacon".  Go ahead - you owe it to yourSelf!
c/o 4631 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R2

Bonnys Vegetarian and Organic Cuisine

Here comes that word again, 'Chef' Bonny Tees has done apprenticeships at New York's Natural Gourmet Institute and Switzerland's International Macrobiotic Institute, and plies her skills in her namesake restaurant.   Reasonably priced and rustic, sit down and enjoy the Vege-Pate Sandwich with a bowl of Vegetarian Chili.  The menu varies so as to maintain the freshest local ingredients possible.
c/o 1748 Notre-Dame Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3J 1M3

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