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Purium Health Products

Purium Health Products provides another convenient vehicle for securing supplements and Health products that I provide to clients, however this is an online vehicle that allows clients to purchase at their discretion.

At the beginning of the year (2011), I noted during my seminars that I was going to add three products to my daily consumption that I felt met the basic criteria that I use when answering the question:  "What should I eat?".  The answer to that question has become my motto:  "Organic, Fresh, Whole, Food, Plus"TM.  The three (3) foods that I added, in supplemental quantity are AFA by E3 Live, Chlorella, and Spirulina - all of which are micro-algaes, and provide Nutrient-dense minerals, vitamins, polysaccharrides, and essential fatty-acids to my daily Nutritional regimen.  Each is a 'whole food, and in some cultures is significant contributor to their daily consumption.

By adding access to Purium Health Foods at my site, it allows clients to now purchase both Chlorella and Spirulina to the Nutritional goals by way of the Internet through the link provided below.

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