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GIA Wellness, Incorporated - If you use a cellular telephone, a computer, or other electronic devices, and feel that these items, though necessary, could adversely impact your Health and Wellness, you may want to check out this website.

Cie Aura 3-D Non-Transdermal Holographic Chips - Many people experience pain, an inability to sleep, sinus challenges, or a lack of energy.  These 'chips' help the body re-align its electro-magnetic system to minimize or eliminate these concerns.  A tool to help you get to the next level of your Health and Well-being.

Dr. Woods Shea Vision Soaps - Shea butter is used in Africa as both a cooking oil and a skin emollient, and has found its way into the global Health and Beauty products markets.  Dr. Woods offers liquid soaps that provide an added boost to maintaining great skin, mild fragrances, and useful exfoliates for all.  Liquid soap, unlike bar soap, does not require caustic items to harden it.  These caustic items may damage the skin.  Though these soaps are available in some regions, they are not universally available - until now.  Call to place an order for Baby, Lavender, Almond, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, or Black Soap in three sizes - half and full pints, and quarts.

Multi-Pure Drinking Water Systems - No matter the supplements or foods you consume, pure, quality water is super essential to your over Health and Wellness. Drinking the best water available should always be a priority for you.   "Enough said!!".

Vita-Mix Blenders - The benefits of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices has been proven repeatedly over the years, however, when you juice your produce, the 'vital dietary fiber' is often discarded.  By "blending', rather than 'juicing', you gain the benefits of juicing without losing the important dietary fiber - truly, the best of both worlds in a glass or portable container.  Note that the food is now concentrated once juiced, and the body can only process so much food at one time.  Drinking too much blended juice may not be beneficial, so balance is an ever critical key to Health.
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