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Mission Statement

Healing Mother's Spirit! has its foundation in education; through the vehicles of counseling, teaching, and training, interested and motivated individuals are assisted toward realizing their optimum Health by developing attitudes, behaviors, and strategies that will promote and sustain high quality Human experiences, beginning with their choices in Nutrition consumption.   One of the major contributors to One’s overall Health and Well-being is the primary role of making informed selections of ideal food items.  To further assist an individual to realize these goals, Life-Style considerations must be reviewed and dynamically incorporated into the educational and counseling model.  Life-Style considerations include the physiological, psycho-emotional, and the Spiritual factors, all of which are significantly anchored to what One eats, and what One eats significantly affects their quality of Life.  Healing Mother’s Spirit! incorporates these intangible factors into the educational and counseling structure thus using a Holistic approach to Health and Self-transformation, thereby broadening the scope of what constitutes overall Well-being.  It is an intense experience that benefits the participant(s).  The trademark phrase that encapsulates this perspective is “Organic, Fresh, Whole, Food – PlusTM".

Healing Mother's Spirit! ("HMS!") is available to a diverse cross-section of stakeholders in multi-faceted communities of various socio-economic strata; the intense personalized teaching and counseling experience is readily adaptable for small groups, families, focus groups, and organizational and corporate Wellness Programs.  Healing Mother's Spirit!'s ultimate purpose is to assist in the seamless balance of Nutritional consumption and Life-Style experiences for all who value the quality of their Health.  Such individuals embrace the idea that they, as individuals, are directly responsible for their own Health and Well-being; they understand (or suspect) that fostering a harmonious relationship with their immediate and broader environment, by way of their active participation, is key to Healing.  It is persons of this world view in communities, regions, and nations that understand and seek the types of services, programs, and activities offered by Healing Mother’s Spirit! and its direct affiliates (for example, Ultimate You!! Accommodations).  Healing Mother's Spirit! is not in the business of “convincing” persons of the benefit of its educational and counseling services and programs, yet all are invited to pursue the dynamic realization of their ‘Ultimate Self’!!

HMS! is here whenever you are ready.
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