Brief Biography

Kevin S. McPherson-El is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, and is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Counselor.  He is a Certified Natural Health Professional ("CNHP"), which also serves as a precursor to studying doctoral materials for Naturopathy.  Additionally, has completed study for the alignment technique  Bio-Mechanical Therapy (also known as Light Touch Treatment), a modality that uses delicate contact on the muscles in the spinal area to stimulate realignment of the spinal column itself.

His professional background spans various disciplines, including education, tax and financial consulting, career and relationship advice to college residents, professional diversity trainer, and team member in a clinical psychiatric environment that provided psycho-social and emotional counseling to patients through family and interpersonal therapy, counseling, and instruction.

A dual graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a Masters degree in Human Services, his maiden voyage of focusing on gaining an appreciation of Health occurred at the school as an undergraduate.  Residents there were often challenged to identify the “meat-like substance floating in the thick brown ooze”; a delicacy termed “mystery meat”, which germinated his on-going impetus to research and refine his nutritional understanding and practice.

In addition to Nutrition counseling, Kevin is facilitating Nutrition, Life-Style and Wellness seminars and workshops in recovery houses via the Behavioral Health Special Initiatives programs 'Core Services' department for the city of Philadelphia, and doing weekly seminars at the West Branch YMCA of Philadelphia.  Through Ultimate You!! Accommodations, an extension of Healing Mother's Spirit!, travel excursions with a leaning toward Health and Wellness activities, trips to New York theatres, the Montreal Jazz Festival, cruises to the Bahamas, and other exotic locations has rounded out the offerings available through this website.
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